North America United States Utah

How to Plan Your Epic Three-Day Zion Adventure

Zion National Park was Utah’s very first national park, and it’s one of the most visited in the whole country! Best known for its incredible canyons, Zion is one of the world’s most popular places for canyoneering and offers other activities like hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing and more. Zion can be a perfect add-on to a longer trip, or it …

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Florida North America United States

How to Celebrate Turning 30 in Deerfield Beach, Florida

With COVID-19 still looming and almost a year of stalled travel plans, my boyfriend, Tim, and I made the somewhat risky decision to join my brother, Don, and his fiancé, Kristina, on their trip to Deerfield Beach, Florida for Don’s 30th birthday. Day 1: Getting to Deerfield Beach Drive/Fly to Deerfield Beach Don and Kristina left early Saturday morning, planning …

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North America Texas United States

How to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday in Fredericksburg, Texas

2021 brought a new year and new (albeit modified) travel plans! Our first trip was to celebrate my 30th birthday in early January, and given the Covid vaccine was not readily available to most people our age at that point, we wanted to make sure we were super cautious. Ultimately, I decided on a local trip to Fredericksburg, TX, which …

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Illinois North America United States

How to Spend Two Spontaneous Days in Chicago, Illinois

Candace and I met in late 2016 at a personal development course – back when we were both still living in Houston, Texas. We became closer friends as we did several other programs together, and one of these brought us to Chicago, Illinois in mid-2017. We decided to take advantage of the situation, since neither of us had been before, …

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North America Road Trip Seattle to Austin Texas United States Washington

West Coast Road Trip From Seattle to Austin

Only 24 hours after my adventures on the Olympic Peninsula, I was back on the road for a casual 2,700-mile drive from Seattle, WA to Austin, TX! Given the year we were having in 2020 and the fact that I’d already been missing my friends and family a ton before we were all in lockdown for the better part of …

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Alabama North America United States

How to Spend a Long Weekend in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Originally considering a trip to Napa, California for Labor Day Weekend, my boyfriend, Tim, and I, along with our friends, Allison and Ryan, decided that it wasn’t worth the risk to fly out there due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so we landed on booking a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama instead. This would be drivable for us, since we live …

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