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Hi! We are so excited to welcome you to our blog. First, let’s introduce ourselves – we are Sara and Candace, just a couple of broads that love to travel around the world. We both hold corporate jobs and have a strong passion for adventure and exploring new places and cultures. There is so much out there to see and do, and we want to share our adventures with you as we go!

Sara & Candace, your Travel A-Broads

Not only do we travel together, but we also travel with other friends and family members too. This platform is an opportunity to showcase those people that are near and dear to our hearts, as we travel around the world with them too!

We hope that our stories will inspire you to take some risks, try out new things, travel to places you never thought you would, and provide a bit of guidance for what to do and [especially] what not to do during your travels.

Of course, traveling isn’t for everyone and sometimes it’s difficult to get away. No matter what your style is, all are welcome here. We would love to share the world with you from the screen of your phone, tablet, or computer. We hope you enjoy our stories – let the fun begin!

XOXO Travel A-Broads

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Janet Wells
Janet Wells
6 months ago

Love following you two!

Sara Bravo
Sara Bravo
4 years ago

I love it!! Travel A-Broads!! So cute. And I love the tips!!! We do have to work on your states tho…let’s go!! How do you feel about road trips?